About Us


We met one fateful day in sixth grade German class. From this moment on, our fascination with Europe and far away places brought us closer together, and our bank accounts have probably never forgiven us.

Lauren and Rachel grew up in Penn State country, where the collective college town heart beats, “We Are.” We both ended up bleeding blue and white and becoming Penn Staters ourselves. We got our very first apartment together our sophomore year of college, which we filled with our mementos from our travels abroad. By this point, Lauren and Rachel had known each other for half their lives, and we always dreamed of living nomadic, location independent lifestyles. 

Well, we’re here to say, we took the plunge! For the next 365 days we will be living around the word and blogging as we go. Now, entering our mid-twenties, we are ready to embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly, and share it with our fellow travel junkies along the way.

R & L